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Kyle Keller

P.O. Box 6372
Lancaster, CA 93539-6372
(626) 786-3483
actor (at) kylekeller (dot) com
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 250
Jacket: 48L
Shirt: 18-36
Pant: 38-36
Hat: 8
Safelight featured Aloupis Productions
Message Home lead Valkrie Pictures
And Boris guest star Fish Eyed Lensy
Robot Astronomy Talk Show series regular (voices, episodes 1-7) Spitzer Science Center/NASA
Ask an Astronomer series regular (voices / narration) Spitzer Science Center/NASA
Carmen chorus Fresno Grand Opera
The Pirates of Penzance chorus Fresno Grand Opera
Musical: The Musical! Fred/Wild-Eyed Man (original cast) Knightsbridge Theatre (Los Angeles)
Sweeney Todd, The Fiend of Fleet Street and the String of Pearls: A Quick-Change Comedy for 3 Actors Actor 3 (workshop) Village Gate Theatre (Los Angeles)
Lysistrata, D.C.: The Musical Revue Sonny/Marine (original cast) Stella Adler Theatre (Los Angeles)
A Murder Has Been Arranged Mr. Cavendish Knightsbridge Theatre (Pasadena)
A Christmas Carol Madrigal Singer/multiple roles (original cast) Knightsbridge Theatre (Pasadena)
Murder in the Cathedral choir Knightsbridge Theatre (Pasadena)
Lady MacBeth multiple roles Knightsbridge Theatre (Los Angeles)
Miss Julie Servant/dancer Zephyr Theatre (Los Angeles)
Wanton Won Ton Angus Matthews Everybody Theatre (Los Angeles)
Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde ensemble (workshop) Jekyll Productions (Los Angeles)
Romeo and Juliet multiple roles Everybody Theatre (Los Angeles)
Reflections Rick (workshop) Everybody Theatre (Los Angeles)
Everybody Improv! improv leader (2 years) Everybody Theatre (Los Angeles)
Kids Jammin' Jamboree Mr. Smith (original cast) Merv Griffin's Resorts (Atlantic City)
Christmas Thru a Child's Eyes Scrooge (original cast) Merv Griffin's Resorts (Atlantic City)
Carousel chorus Pineland Players (Medford, N.J.)
M51 and Gizmo lead (voice) Spitzer Science Center/NASA
Technology Demonstrator narrator Meridian Southwest
Light and Color narrator Valkrie Pictures
Percutaneous Bladder Neck Stabilization featured Lange Productions
No Exit lead Virtual Impressions
Perry Locksmith supporting Poorhouse Productions
Lounge supporting Why Cry Productions
Poets supporting Why Cry Productions
FLA lead (puppeteer/voice) Poorhouse Productions
Theatre: University of Southern California (Bachelor of Arts)
Chekhov Technique: Mala Powers
On-Camera Technique: Rodni Texas
Voice: A3 to B5 (Baritone-Tenor)
Instrumental: Piano (8 years), Flute (2 years), Tuba (1 year), Guitar (1 year).
Languages: French, Latin, Greek. Numerous dialects. Print Modeling. Stage Combat. Heel Work & Period Costume. SCUBA (PADI Open Water Certification). Rock Climbing. Bicycling (racing). Driving (stick). Marching. Puppetry (hand puppets and voices). Improv. Touch Typing. Tarot. Drawing & Painting. Photography & Cinematography. Cooking. Computer Literate. Animal Lover.

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