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One of four children, Kyle Keller is the spawn of a U.S. Navy officer and a school teacher. As a young child Kyle's family moved around quite a lot, but he grew up mostly in Connecticut.

Kyle got his start as a model shortly after moving to New Jersey at age 17. He did some print and commercial work, and eventually he hooked up with a theatre company that did shows in Atlantic City, appearing in two shows at Merv Griffin's Resorts. He attended the University of Southern California, where he majored in theatre and classics (yes, classics as in Latin and Greek). While there, he got heavily involved in student theatre and student filmmaking.

After college, Kyle did a lot of shows in intimate theatres around Los Angeles, and became active in Actors' Equity Association's Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, which is dedicated to promoting non-traditional casting and creating opportunities for ethnic minorities, performers with disabilities, women, seniors, and more.

When he's not acting, Kyle enjoys rock climbing, scuba diving, roller blading, and most anything else that lets him move and explore.

Kyle now lives in the high desert in northern Los Angeles County. He also maintains close ties to his family in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Indiana.

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